The next step

1st May 2015, I’m sat in my car in a car park having just made a suicide attempt. I was admitted to next day for a crisis admission that was only supposed to be a couple of weeks. Things went very wrong and I got iller and iller. I was sectioned and became such a risk to myself I spent 8 months on 1:1 before being transferred to a specialist unit. 

I didn’t want to live. I didn’t think I would ever get better and I fought so hard against the staff. But somehow with the support of an amazing team on the ward, the right medication, with the therapy and with the wonderful care of my family, friends and boyfriend, things started to turn. I started to notice positives again. I started sleeping better. I found my laughter again. I relearned how to smile. I started to talk to people. The recovery college helped me build a sense of self worth and self confidence. I started to want to live. I stopped self harming. 

And finally, a week ago, i was fully discharged from the unit back home! I’ve never left a ward feeling confident that I could do this, that I was better. I left this ward with a smile on my face and a new feeling- hope. 


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